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Our Secret to Great Prices

How are we able offer great prices on our windows? It’s a combination of four ideas that drive our business: quality craftsmanship, excellent service, good prices on materials, and low marketing costs.

Quality Craftsmanship
Our quality control managers spend every day on the production line, working with our team to bring the highest quality windows to your home. We have a highly trained manufacturing team that is efficient with both labor and materials.

We inspect every window to make sure it is built to a high standard.

This has two benefits:
  • First, the window lasts a long time, and our clients are happy with it.
  • Second, we don’t have to worry about the window breaking, so we have low costs on warranty repairs.

By bringing a high level of quality to the production line, we are able to reduce our costs in providing your windows.
Excellent Service
Our next secret to great prices is providing excellent service.

Our experienced team of installers does the job right the first time eliminating the need for service calls and unnecessary repairs.

And if you do have a question or problem with your window, we will help you out right away, saving both of us time and money, and leaving you a happy customer.
Pegas Windows
Excellent Service
Low Marketing Costs
Instead of spending money on marketing to tell you how good we are, we prefer to just do it.
Over 80% of our business is by referral
– a testament to our quality and service

It’s much easier and less expensive to grow your company by word-of-mouth, as long as you have a great product to back it up.
Best Prices on Materials
In order to give you the best prices, we are constantly watching our material costs. With our volume, we are able to negotiate better prices, and make sure we are getting the best deal from all of our suppliers.

Once we negotiate the best prices on the materials, we are then able to pass those savings on to our customers.
By combining quality craftsmanship, service, good material prices, and low marketing costs, we are able to deliver the best window prices for our customers.

If you’re new to our company and would like to find out exactly how good our prices are, please give us a call or send us your information in our free quote form. We look forward to meeting you!
Pegas Windows
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