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Windows Wheaton

Wheaton Windows
Pegas Windows has been producing durable replacement and new construction windows close to the Wheaton area for several years. Our company works to achieve optimum standards of product value and service in Wheaton. Please talk to us or utilize the information request to see for yourself.

A  known Wheaton’s history begins with its founders: Erastus Gary, Jesse Wheaton and Warren Wheaton. The three of them traveled west from New England and claimed hundreds of acres of land in northeastern Illinois in 1837 and 1838. There, they began to lay important cornerstones for what would become the City of Wheaton.

In a strategic move, they offered the emerging railroad several miles of free right-of-way through the growing area. Rail workers posted a sign, “Wheaton Depot,” giving the community its name. The founders gave away land surrounding the station to those who were willing to build immediately.

Windows Wheaton

Do you need replacement windows but don’t know how to approach it? At Pegas, we’re well-known as a company that’s true to quality, manufacturing, and customer satisfaction. We support our clients by supplying replacement windows of great quality at good price. With choices ranging from well known models to some of the most innovative and unique options, we provide a vast selection of windows types to perfectly fit your Wheaton room and your budget.

Wheaton Windows

That attractive home you’ve been eyeing in Catalog may seem unattainable, but our professional installers know precisely how to accomodate you design your ideal Wheaton home. Average homeowners don’t know how much of an impact clear and sleek windows can have on a room design. As a service organization with decades of installation experience, we’ve worked with enough home remodeling projects to know exactly what works - high-performing vinyl windows that will stay beautiful for years to come. Windows Wheaton.Talk to to start your path to a more beautiful home and significant energy savings. Replacement Windows.

Window Installer Wheaton

Windows! We’re known as the best windows company in the Wheaton, Illinois area. Vinyl Windows. Your neighbors will say that we have a high level of proficiency and precision unmatched by any other windows business. Replacement Windows from Pegas Windows Inc. Give us your information, and we’ll give you your free estimate right away!

Wheaton Windows Installation

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